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How to Answer: Why should we hire you for this Post?

Why should we hire you? this is the whole extract of any interview and widely asked by every interviewer/HR. This question can come to your way in different formats like-

  • Why should we hire you?
  • How are you the best candidate for the job?
  • Why are you the right fit for the position?
  • What would you bring to the position?

By this question Interviewer’s motive is to figure out, whether you are serious and fit for this post or not. so here is the example like how beautifully you can answer this question-

Why should offer you this job?

HR job is to find out the best candidate for the post. And hence you should give your best answer to this.

This is an opportunity for you to explain your strength, for that you need to understand every skill required for the post. So read the job vacancy description properly.

Mention all your strength which is useful for this job and what makes you different than other-

  • Put your industrial experience in a proper composed way.
  • Relate your academics with this job.
  • Your previous work experience.
  • Tell him how well you can handle the task in different scenario.
  • Present your soft skills to convince.
  • Assure him that you are going for a long term relationship with the organization.

Most of the candidates might have not studied about the company, job requirement. there are very few who do smart research, so if you have done all this then you will be an advantage.

Let’s see some examples of answers for you-

Scene-1: if you relevant work experience

” Before being ready for this Interview I read the Job description well and I tried to match my qualities with the job requirement. And I would say it confidentially that my academics and my previous experience does match to the requirements of this job. I am sure I would be doing much better than your expectations on this post.”

Scene-2: if you are fresher: 

Don’t apply for the job if there is experience needed for the post. and if “fresher can apply” mentioned than you have to focus on your academic achievements only.

“After completing my studies I have been searching for a job where I can utilise my education and talent, fortunately, I came to know about this job which is exactly same nature of the job I was expecting.

I read the detailed description of the job and confidently feel that I can do justice with my job and my career.”

Hopefully, you have understood properly that what would be the best answer for the commonly asked interview question  “Why should we hire you for this Position/Post or job?” So before going to attempt an interview, find what are your strengths, research & analyse your appropriate skills necessary for post/position and adding all these, prepare a solid answer.

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