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Top 7 Management Degree for Indian Students

Do you want to secure a high-paying job by upskilling your skills and knowledge through a master’s degree? This article will talk about the best Management Degree for Indian Students to pursue that will get you a good-paying job.

Management degrees give students a broad range of finance, business, marketing, and economics topics. Most management degrees focus more on practical exposure with opportunities to complete professional projects and work placements.

If you are more interested in the theory area that talks about best management practices, there are also many research-oriented management degrees to consider. Moreover, some programs combine the two. Whether you want to gain management knowledge but are unsure of which sector you want to work in or explore a particular management specialization in terms of role, there is an ample number of degrees to help you kick-start your management career.

Top 7 Management Degree for Indian Students

Before moving forward, let’s look at the benefits of pursuing a management degree.

Benefits one can get after pursuing a management degree:

  • Firstly, every company needs a manager who has the expertise to handle a particular domain. Hence, job opportunities are immense if one pursues a management degree and acquires the necessary knowledge and skills.
  • Secondly, a management degree provides you with the option to upskill your crucial management areas such as organizing, communication, project management, leadership, reporting, problem-solving, presenting, critical and strategic thinking.
  • Thirdly, a management degree provides you with the golden opportunity to become your boss. The degree makes you ready to become king or queen of the job industry and gives you the required skills and confidence to start your business.
  • Lastly, it does not matter much whether you go for the traditional MBA or any early-career degrees like Masters in Management, Masters in Business Analytics, Masters in Finance. You will understand different disciplines such as service operations, finance, entrepreneurship, to name a few.

Now here comes the top 7 Management degrees for Indian students:

Top 7 Management Degree for Indian Students

1. Masters in Management (MiM)

Master in Management provides advanced general management skills and knowledge that requires comparatively less or zero experience. It is a cheaper alternative for an MBA program as it needs less investment and time.

Benefits of pursuing Masters in Management:

  1. It is an internationally oriented program. It allows an individual to pursue management degrees from abroad with comparatively lesser fees. Through this program, you get the experience of meeting new people of different ethnicity or background. It will overall help you in developing your personality by improving your communication skills.
  2. One needs to have very little or no work experience to join the MiM program. So the best aspect is that you can begin your masters immediately after completing your graduation degree. However, in some colleges, you need to have a maximum of one year of employment to join their MIM program, so be mindful of that.
  3. You get to have a versatile study experience by learning from elective courses on the psychology of money, business ethics, and e-commerce.

Top 7 Management Degree for Indian Students

2. Masters in Engineering Management (MEM)

Masters in Engineering Management exclusively helps in bridging the gap between management, engineering and technology. This degree is specially designed for engineers or engineering students who wish to hone their management skills.

Benefits of pursuing Masters in Engineering Management:

  1. Being an engineering student, if you are seeking a non-technical master’s degree, then MEM is the perfect bet for you.
  2. Many renowned colleges like Stanford, Cornell University, and Dartmouth College offer MEM degree without any past work experience.
  3. The fees and the duration of a MEM degree are comparatively lower than other master’s programs.
  4. Through this program, you will learn many multi-disciples that focus solely on improving your managerial and technical skills.

Top 7 Management Degree for Indian Students

3. Masters in Finance (MFIN)

If you are searching for promising career opportunities in business sectors and international finance, then Masters in Finance is the right choice. Whether you are a recent graduate or full-fledged finance professional, the MFIN degree will help you widen your finance knowledge circle and provide you with the requisite knowledge and practical skills.

Benefits of pursuing Masters in Finance:

  1. Since the finance and business sector is boosting, through the MFIN degree, the students can get the best job opportunities.
  2. Through this degree, you can reach the top managerial stature with a high-paying salary. Also, you get to gain knowledge about blockchain technology and work as a crypto analyst or crypto fund seller in future.
  3. This degree will make you a “master” of finance. Its core curriculum includes finance, accounting, marketing, and supply chain management, which will boost job options in different domains.

Top 7 Management Degree for Indian Students

4. Masters of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA)

After studying Masters in Business Analytics, you know how to transform business intelligence into business insights. As we know that organizations collect an immense amount of data daily, the requirement of business analysts becomes more to handle the data accurately. Hence, if you would love to turn the raw data into valuable assets and hone these skills, you should go for an MSBA program.

Benefits of pursuing MSBA:

  1. Post an MSBA degree, you will be required to transform data properly. Since the data is increasing daily, experts are needed in business to handle that effectively. These experts would be those students only who have completed the MSBA program and have the requisite skills.
  2. While pursuing an MSBA degree, you acquire knowledge and skills of coding language, data mining techniques, data quality management, and analytical modelling. Also, with the growing importance of digital mediums, this program will help you grab a high paying job in the areas of business analysis.

Top 7 Management Degree for Indian Students

5. Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

This degree has always been the most popular degree amongst graduate students. Being an Indian student, if you are planning to do MBA from a foreign nation, then a work experience of a minimum of 3-5 years is preferable. This degree provides you with a brief idea of Management, Marketing, Finance, and Human Resources concepts.

Benefits of pursuing Masters in Business Administration:

  1. The degree will impart knowledge on multiple disciples which will help you get jobs as finance manager, human resource manager, and accounting manager.
  2. This degree improves your professional skills and provides you with immense job options.
  3. It widens your professional network and boosts your personality.

Top 7 Management Degree for Indian Students

6. MSc in International Business

In International Business, one can learn about International Marketing, Global Economy, International Human Resource Management, International Finance, and basic knowledge of International trade that includes import and export. After completing MSc in International Business, one can join positions like Global Marketing Manager, International Accountant, International Banker, Management Analyst, International Economist, and Global Analytics leader, to name a few.

Benefits of pursuing MSc in International Business:

  1. This program prepares you to pursue lucrative roles with a good paying salary.
  2. Your interest in international business can take you to places. Whether it is studies or your roles at work, international business programs prepare you to work with different cultures and leadership roles.

Top 7 Management Degree for Indian Students

7. MSc in Marketing

MSc in Marketing helps you delve into areas like demand and supply, help you understand the mindset of your target audience, what to expect from a seller, and make you more market-oriented. After completing the program, you can opt for Financial Accounting, Sales Management, Digital Business, and Data Analytics roles.

Benefits of pursuing MSc in Marketing:

  1. One can expand their professional network and gain insights into finance, corporate social responsibility, and consumers after studying Masters in Marketing.
  2. This degree can help you lead to consultant or higher-level management jobs a few years after graduation.
  3. If you dream of managing a market department and eventually land in a CMO role, you should think of going for a Master of Science in Marketing.

This article throws light on top management programs that Indian students can do. However, there are other top degrees that you can look forward to pursuing depending on your existing interest and professional level.

If you are currently planning to hone your managerial skills with the master program, 2021 is the suitable year for you to begin, as, amidst this pandemic, many people have lost their jobs. Hence, by upskilling yourself, you can get a good-paying job in this unpredictable economy.


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Top 7 Management Degree for Indian Students

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