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Top 10 Highly Paid Jobs in India | Choose the Best Career

Do you know what are the Top 10 Highly Paid Jobs in India in the 20th Century?

Every student has a dream to grab a highly paid job. And if one sets the early target for their dream jobs it is quite possible to achieve it. Yes! there are many rocks in the path but the focused vision, right motivation always leads to success.

Students across the world look for the best career that offers them a handsome salary with additional perks and benefits.

Highly paid jobs not only provide you with financial security but also a good lifestyle & high standard in society.

In this article, we will focus on the Top 10 Highly Paid Jobs in India. 

1: CEO

Chief Executive Officer- CEO is a very significant designation of a company. You can say that CEO is the backbone of a company. CEO is the most senior executive or administrative officer in charge of managing a company.

A company’s reputation, growth and profitability rely on the wise decisions of a CEO hence they get a very handsome package and perks.

Getting this post is not so easy, it requires good experience and skills. In India, the average salary for a CEO is about 3 million per month.

This is just an average salary. Surprisingly, the annual compensation of Sunder Pichai (CEO Google) is equivalent to Rs 2,145 crore (appx).

So CEO post is one of the best jobs in Top 10 Highly Paid Jobs in India.

2: Doctor/Surgeon

In India, doctors are considered as GOD on earth. They save lives. This is one of the most respected profession here in India and the world as well.

We often hear that there is a big shortage of doctors and surgeons in hospitals. This is because it’s not easy to become a doctor. MBBS education in India is very costly therefore many students look for MBBS in Abroad.

A good doctor or a surgeon can earn about 20-30 lacs per annum with ease.

3: CA- Chartered Accountant

We all know that study of CA course is very tough. Only 2-3% of students go to final and awarded with a CA degree. Success is achieved only after a continuous effort of hard work.

Every day the job of a CA is in Financial accounting whose job is to supervise the account of a company. That’s why every company and institution search for a CA, which make them highly payable.

CA is like a gazetted officer. A Chartered Accountant can easily earn about 25-30 lacs per annum.

Therefore being a CA is the guaranty of success and social respect. It is among the top 10 highly paid jobs in India.

4: Pilot

Life of a pilot is in the sky, but do you know the salary of a pilot is also like touching the sky?

Do not get surprised by that, because a pilot is responsible for thousands of lives. Hence the training of pilot is very tough. This is the reason they get high pay.

Can you guess the salary of Pilot? A commercial pilot gets about 15-20 lacs per annum where a helicopter pilot receives 10-15 lacs per annum.

5: Investment Bankers

Investment bankers are a financial manager for a company. They help to multiply the wealth for a company with a systematic investment of the funds. they are highly educated and experts of finance.

There are limited Investment Bankers in India and hence their pay is very high. The entry-level of an Investment Banker starts with 12 lacs per annum which increases with experience.

An experienced Investment banker is worth 60-70 lacs per annum.

The company also offer them shares and incentives according to the performance. Therefore being an Investment Banker is the guaranty of success & social respect. It is considered one of the top 10 highly paid jobs in India.

6: Data Scientist

After technological advancements & digitalization, there is a huge demand for data scientists in India. Every company propose its future policy on the available data. here a Data Scientist plays a very crucial role.

Accessibility of the data today can help to reap multiple benefits organizations from it hence a company offers a huge amount for this.

The average data scientists salary is ₹698,412. An entry-level data scientist can earn around ₹500,000 per annum with less than one year of experience. Early level data scientists with 1 to 4 years experience get around ₹610,811 per annum.

7: Business Analyst

Business analysts are Important for a business as much depends on their analysis. Most of the company’s profits rely on this analysis. That’s why a company always look for a good BA.

The most important thing about BA should be to get ahead in mathematical and logical reasoning. As they get money for their brain only.

In such a scenario a BA (Business Analyst) earns about 1.5-2.0 lacs per month quiet easily.

8: Content Writers

Contents are the key nowadays because the world is going digital. In the digital world content is the biggest influencer.

Content is needed for websites, blogs, stories, newspapers articles, catalogues, advertising etc. Good content reaches to audience mind and therefore this is a highly paid job.

A worth content writer earns approx 12 lacs per annum. If you have experience and a certain set of skills in content writing, you can see a bright future in a News or Digital Agency.

9: Architect

An architect is a designer, they draw a raw map, structures for a building, building plans and other settlements. An architect is a maiden requirement for a construction company.

The average salary for a beginner architect can be around 30-40k per month where experienced one around 60-80k per month.

Apart from the job they have a freelancing work opportunity.

10: Digital Marketers

Digital marketing is hot Job of the 20th century. As mobile users are increasing day by day and the Internet is spreading across the country.

Companies are enhancing the presence on the internet. A digital Marketer tries to push the companies presence in the top searches of the internet.

It includes digital promotions such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization and lots of other activities.

A digital marketer gets 50-60 thousand salaries per month on an average. If you have upgraded your skills to the next level you can earn much better.


Most of the student are in a dilemma while choosing career options. Confusion is obvious and hence we tried to solve some of your confusion here. Hope these Top 10 Highly Paid Jobs in India will inspire you.

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