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Most Common Interview Questions and Best Interview Answers

Interview Questions & Answers

Interview is the first step of your professional life beginning. No matter how good student you were in the classroom. how good you scored on your mark sheet. one day you will be judged by some common interview questions and the best interview answers given to interviewer.  

Certainly we can’t read mind of the HR the Interviewer however if you understand some most common interview questions you could easily come with best answers.

Here are some most commonly asked interview questions and their best answers. if you are prepared with these interview question answers 90% chances are there that you will be selected.

Tell me something about yourself or how do you introduce yourself?

This is most common interview question and if you have given two three interview you must be fed-up of the same question. But this is not actually question this an opportunity to express yourself and start with the HR.

So, your answer should be focused on your abilities that are going to be good for the post you applied for. if have work experience related to the post you applied, then you should mention your previous achievement.

if you are fresher then you should discuss about your leanings which are related to the post you applied for. Answer of this goal should be that your abilities, experience and learning are compatible for the job.

How did you know about this Job opening? Interview Questions & Answers

Interviewer wants to know what means of information that you heard about the job opening. this question is asked for the company’s data collection purpose to determine the popular means of job posting or job notification in future.

what could be your best answer on this? Suppose you hear about the job through newspaper then your answer should be like-

“I heard about this job while reading about daily newspaper as reading is my favorite hobby, what excited me about this job is the “role offered”. I wanted to perform such a job that can utilize my strength in this area and I also learn something new to enhance for my future”

This is simple way to co-relate with the post your applied for.

What do you know about this Company?

To answer this question you should be ready with some home work before going for the interview. this is advisable that you do little research and learn “about us” page of the company website.

You should know the vision and mission of the company. Company’s strength and it network, because interviewer expect that you are really serious about this job and had some research about the company.

Where do you see yourself in coming 5 years? or what is your life goal?

This is again a trick of HR/ interviewer to learn about your mindset. asking about your future goals, expectations means Interviewer need to understand if you fits in the company’s framework or not.

HR wants to ensure that your career goal and expectations can be met in that company or not. because any company invest big to train an employee. and if company feels that you may leave the job in short time, its not worth hiring and investing on you.

So you should give mature response and future plans that can be fulfilled with that particular company. do mention your academic journey and future expectation in continuation.

Why Should we Hire you for this post?

To give best answer to the question: Why should we hire you for this job, is only possible when you have read the job descriptions properly and have understood.

most of the candidates forgot to do home work when going for interview, this is biggest reason for failure, if you are active and read the job description well, it shows you are serious about the job.

This is the most important question of all the Interview process so we have explained it in our other article. Click : How to Answer: Why should we hire you for this Post?

What are your negative points that you like to share with us?

this question also can be asked as what are your weaknesses? this is a question where you may get stuck because you are not prepared to tell your bad.

Many candidates chose to avoid this question and say- I don’t have any major weaknesses. Some try to be over-smart and present their positive as negative.

Remember an HR witness number of candidates everyday so do not play trick with interviewer.

for better understanding this question please refer- How to Answer: What are your weaknesses?

Best Answer for Interview Question: Why did you leave your last job?

This is a typical question which you have to answer in interview when you are going to join a new company. Remember following point that you should not do-

  1. Don’t use bad mouth for your employer, this is reduce your chances.
  2. No need to go in depth and detailed reason.
  3. You should not try to lie about the reasons for leaving your last job. because if reference check goes against your answer it may be little difficult.
  4. Don’t feel awkward while answering this question. Stay calm and composed while answering this question.

What you should do?-

  1. Be Honest and tell the truth.
  2. Give some tactful reasons but do not go in depth detailing.
  3. You can related this new opportunity where you would utilize your last experience. Also you look for a better opportunity.
  4. Make sure you mention that you left last job on good note.

Best possible answer could be-
“I worked with my last organization for couple of years, Though I was a good performer over there which you may verify with my Manager. After working for some years I wanted an environment change and better responsibilities. and then I saw this opportunity which inspire me towards my future goal. Therefore I thought to change on a good note”.

What is your Salary expectations? or what is your expectations from this Job?

Why interviewer ask this question-

Because they want to know following about you-

  1. Whether you know your worth or not.
  2. If you confident enough about the responsibility you would be handling.
  3. They want to know if you have gained appropriate profession level.

How to answer this question?

  1. Don’t choose to put on employer. You must have researched about the normal salary package for the post applied.
  2. Give him a range and try to put your expectation at the bottom. because any company would want to hire you at low price. if you expect 30k then you should range it between 30k to 36k.
  3. Always leave an option for negotiation.
  4. If you are uncertain of the position you are going to be hired. then you can pass this question for next conversation. Like “Before we discuss about the salary part, I would like to have more details about my roles and responsibilities so that I can better tell my position” . But make sure you have done little research and have some numbers in your mind.

So’ friends these were some important questions and answers. If you are going to interview you must refer this. Any question left unaddressed, you ask us in comment section.

Thank you for reading.

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