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MBBS in Abroad- Best & Cheaper Countries to Study MBBS

MBBS in Abroad for Indian Students

MBBS Abroad attract many Indian medical aspirants. If you are looking for the Best and Cheaper Country to study MBBS here we have useful information for you.

MBBS is India is quiet costlier then MBBS Aboard. Many countries offer MBBS degree in very less tuition fee compare to India. Also the seat availability is the challenge in India due to limited seat availability.

Medical aspirants from India look or study abroad because they need to save money. Some student does not get the seat in Indian Medical colleges and some find is out of budget. So here we help you to find best and cheaper country to study MBBS.

MBBS in Abroad for Indian Students

First of all we need to understand the major concerns while choosing country for Medical education. The following four are the major concerns of the students while selecting for Study abroad.

  • Quality of Education & Recognition
  • Budget
  • Safety and Security
  • Food Availability

So basically our suggestion to be based on these four major concerns of the students. There are few countries which fits into the bracket of the above criteria. Those are China, Russia, Ukrain, Poland, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal are the most popular destinations for MBBS.

Let’s take a depth look into-

MBBS in China

Mostly students who looking MBBS in Abroad, for those China is one of the best country. China is recently developed nation and its focusing on developing top most MBBS universities for International students. about 45 Universities which are MCI approved and provide 100% course in English.

  • Duration of MBBS in China: 6 Years (5 years degree + 1 year apprenticeship), that means you can complete your MBBS in china within 6 years time. Further come to India clear the MCI test and start practice.
  • Budget of MBBS in China: China is believed to be lowest where you can complete MBBS in 18 to 20 lacs. So in terms of fee- China is the Best option.
  • Food and Safety: Campuses in china are pretty safe for the students. However if you are a vegetarian it will be difficult for you to manage as the food habit it not so good in China. Chinese noodle which you find here in India also not available there is china in the same way.

So Food is one concern you might not like this. Also the Indo-China diplomatic relationship is also not so friendly that could be one more concern. Rest of the things like quality of education, recognition is all good.

MBBS in Russia

Russia is becoming most preferred destination for MBBS among International for Students who are seeking to study MBBS in Abroad. There are few Universities, which are considered among Top 200 in the world which is very good reputation.

  • Duration of MBBS in Russia: Here it take 6 years to complete MBBS Degree and then you need to do one year’s apprenticeship/Internship so total it will be a seven year’s degree.
  • Budget for MBBS in Russia: It will about 25 to 30 lacs for complete MBBS including accommodation and tuition fee.
  • Food availability and Safety: All type of foods are available in Russian mess and other options also available. Russia is pleasant country to stay and you can feel sense of security there. You will find lots of Indian students there in Russian Universities.

Pro’s and Con’s of Study in Russia: Russia offers world class education with safety and security. Fees is affordable enough for Indian perspective. MBBS from Russia is well recognized by world. the Only Con’s is that MBBS in Russia will be complete is 7 years, that means you need to spend one year extra.

Study MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is part of European Union, it has very rich history. Ukraine is beautiful place for tourism as well. This is the biggest country in Europe in terms of area. MBBS from Ukraine is most preferred destination for the students from other parts of west. Most of Indian Students are already studying there.

  • Duration of MBBS in Ukraine: MBBS in Ukraine is a 6 Years Degree. That does not include Internship hence you need to do one year’s internship to get complete degree.
  • Budget for MBBS in Ukraine: Budget is also Minimum- Its about 23 to 26 lacs in INR. For Complete MBBS
  • Food and Safety: Europe is mostly peaceful country. Ukraine is known for its beauty and safety. You need not to worry about food. you can avail Indian food withing the hostel. Some universities provide you self cook facility in the hostel and if you feel to make something you can cook yourself.

So’ food is okay- Fee is within budget- Safety is no concern. Therefore Ukraine is the best place to study MBBS for you. Also being part of EU, the study pattern is same in all other member countries in EU. If you get an opportunity in other European country you may choose to have Credit Transfer.

Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is also one of the best country for Indian students, Who are looking MBBS colleges in abroad. Kyrgyzstan is a small country shares border with China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan & Tajikistan. Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Republic) can be one more favorite destination for doing MBBS. Moreover this very economical to do MBBS from Kyrgyzstan.

  • Duration of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan: MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is of 5 Years. Plus you need to do one year Apprenticeship or Internship. So total Six years Course.
  • Budget for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan: Very Economical compare to all other countries above. Its about 16 to 17 lacs in total for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Food and Safety Concern: Though its not very easy for Vegetarian however student get the some variety of food there. As far as safety is concern, campuses are safe however some disturbance happened in 2010 in southern Kyrgyzstan. There was violence noticed on the ground of ethnicity.

Is Kyrgysztan Safe for International Students:

Though its very cheap and degree is Valid worldwide also here you get MBBS done within 6 years in total. However some security concerns cannot be under estimated. If you choose to study MBBS in Kyrgysztan you must select a Government University. In the Govt. University you will get the proper & secure environment. Rest the country is very beautiful and pleasant with natural beauty.

Study MBBS in Armenia

For MBBS aspirants Armenia is most economical country to study. Armenia share borders with Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Very peacful and welcoming country. The degree that would be awarded is recognized by Medical councils and valid globally. Medium of course is English, so there won’t be any kind of difficulty to understand the language. You will be eligible to practice medicine in India if you clear the licensing exam.

  • Duration of MBBS in Armenia: 6 Years Complete MBBS (Includes 5 year course + 1 year Internship)
  • Budget for MBBS in Armenia: 15 to 18 Lacs INR for Complete course Including tuition and living cost.
  • Food Availability: For the Indian it is not so difficult to find good food for them. Variety of options are available.
  • Safety Concerns: No safety concerns are there at all. You will feel sense of security.

This could be the best opportunity for Indian Students to study in Armenia for MBBS.

If you willing to complete MBBS Abroad, these are some Best & Cheaper Countries to Study MBBS. However you should follow the proper process before making your selection for MBBS abroad.

Requirements Prior to Plan MBBS in Abroad

Certainly you should keep in mind the following points that are important before you go for MBBS abroad.

  • Must have 50% or above marks in 12th class (PCB)
  • Clear NEET with passing marks (it is compulsory, and if you take admission without NEET you degree might become invalid when you come back to India).
  • You Must Inform to Medical Council of India about your plan to selected Country and University. this is small formality to fill the form and submit to MCI informing you MBBS in Abroad.

After Completion of the MBBS you need to comeback to India and appear for eligibility test and start practice.

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