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Is Telegram Indian Messaging App? Know the full fact about Telegram App

Is Telegram a Make in India? No

Telegram is an instant messaging app like WhatsApp. But the people want to know, is the telegram Indian app? Is the telegram a make in India product? Why this question, because on social media people are claiming that telegram is an Indian app. But the fact is different.

Telegram provides better features compared to its close rival Whatsapp which is more popular. Using telegram, you can make a group of 200000 people at a time. However’ both claims that their app provides end to end encryption and chat is 100% safe.

But nowadays It’s trending on social platforms that you should leave Whatsapp and use Indian messaging app “Telegram” instead. Therefore people want to know if this true or just a rumour for cheap publicity.

Though in the technology era it is not difficult to find the fact about a company. Before getting into the trap of rumours you should have a cross-check.

So which country is telegram from?

Originally, telegram is a creation of two Russian brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. So if someone asks you whether this app is India or not, your answer should be a BIG NO.

Telegram is a product of two Russian brothers who launch it in 2013. Initially, Pavel Durov has said that the service was headquartered in Berlin, Germany, between 2014. Though telegram is a Russian born app yet it has headquartered in London & serving headquarter in Dubai.

Q. Is Telegram a Make in India? 

Ans: No telegram is neither an Indian born app nor any Indian company has a shareholding in this. This App is not associated with India anyhow.

Q. Which country is telegram app from?

Ans. Its a company owned by two Russian citizens. However, the company currently has its headquarter in London and operational headquarter in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Though the founders (Nikolai and Pavel Durov) are Russian yet the messaging app rejects any affiliation with Russia.

Q. What is owner names of Telegram app?

Ans. Nikolai and Pavel Durov. Both are Citizen of Russia.

Q. Is Telegram safe & secure app? Is it more secure than WhatsApp?

Ans. Many of you have concern over the security of your mobile data. Many people want to know- Is telegram safe for them or not?

Though telegram boasts to follow the best possible security measures. Let’s not go to technicalities because when the end to end encryption for chat is available there is very fewer chances to get your conversation being read by someone else.

Safety of telegram or Whatsapp depends on the company’s (owner’s) policy or mindset. Telegram is own by two Russian dudes who are rich. Facebook owns the Whatsapp & Facebook already came in a scam of selling data to Cambridge Analytica.

One fact we would like to know in your view. That- Telegram is Banned in Russian due to providing a platform that allows users to evade official scrutiny. Iran putting a ban on because it can be used as a platform for a terrorist organization to promote terrorism. Cause the app allows adding a big number of people in one group.

Q. Is telegram app ban in India?

Ans. So are still in doubt is telegram Indian? of course not. But some users also ask the question Is telegram app banned in India. The answer is NO.

But yes, some petition is pending with High Court in Kerala and Uttrakhand. Few petitioner file petition against telegram for allegedly facilitating the circulation of child abuse videos and communication by terrorists. But yes no decision such as banning this app in India taken yet.

Let’s Sum up:

The motive of this article was to make you alert and provide you with clarity on the widely asked question. Is telegram Indian? or Is Telegram a Make in India product?

We tried to answer your query. Some of the references are there for the verification of the claim. Hope you do not fall into propaganda and decline the rumours of telegram being an Indian app. In the tech update series, you must check these 8 apps that may help students.

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