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Interview Question: What is your weakness?

Interview Question- What is your weakness or what are your negative points? as an candidate you may find is very difficult to answer. if you are not prepared well on this then your answer could negatively affect.

After reading this article you will be able to answer this question smartly. at the time of interview if you are asked to tell your strength, you can comfortably tell many. But when asked your weak points or negative point you try to avoid which is wrong.

Can’t avoid this question-

if you avoid this question by saying – I don’t think that I have weaknesses, can affect your chances. because no-one is perfect and has some weak points. So do not try to dose the question that is first point.

Don’t try to present your positive as negative-

Some candidate try a trick and tell the positive point as their negative. This is old trick and HR is smart enough to understand this. if you say- “I am too kind to people that is my weakness” or “I care about my job too much and I have not problem working overtime, that is my weakness”.

Remember: HR is wise as they meet hundreds of candidates everyday, this is old now.

So’ what now, you can’t avoid the question, you can’t mask your positive as a negative?

Important points to remember:

You need to be frank and find out some bad habits or negative points about yourself. But before your jump the gun- make sure those weaknesses would not affect the post you applied for. for the example- if you are applying for marketing job- you can’t say I feel difficult to indulge with people. or I am little shy. because this will hurt your chances to be selected for marketing post.

What negative points you can share while interview-

I am little weak at time Management-

Well this is something which is reasonable and many people forget the things. but this is not a critical weakness, this can be controlled. So you should say- “I am little weak in time management, I forget the things. and I am trying to overcome it by keeping notes, reminders and set alarms to remember important things.

Self critical-

My expectations are more from me that makes me more self critical. It generates negativity although I feel that negativity is a weakness & Sometime I need a motivation to perform better. In the expectation of more outcome I forget to celebrate the current achievement. To overcome this I watch motivation stories and read the biographies of successful personalities. I believe its not gonna create an issue about the job.

Too much straight forward-

My weakness is that I am straight forward. or you can say too much straight forward. In a job or in real life too much straight speakers face lot of difficulties, some people are too much straight some are real diplomatic. Although in recent time I have improved and learnt some diplomacy but still this remain an issue for me.

So’ friends these were some interesting answers to Interview Question: what is your weakness. Answer with confidence. Even though its weakness you should not let you down as you always have capability to overcome it.

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