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How to Type in Hindi in MS Word? Simple Trick to Type Hindi in Laptop or Desktop

There are few difficulties people face while typing Hindi in MS word or in other software or in normal chat etc. So if you want to know how to type in Hindi in MS Word or other applications or If you are looking for a simple trick for Hindi typing, this article will help you.

1. Type Hindi online Using Google Input Tool?

Well, this is the easiest way to type in Hindi using the google input tool, but for this, you must have an internet connection. You need to go to Google Input Tools website and select the language you want to type in. There are multiple regional languages to select. But this option will not work if you want to type directly in other applications except google chrome or other internet browsers.

So, what is the other way- How to type in Hindi within MS Word? Let’s check for the second option.

2. “Google Input Tools” for windows to type in Hindi

Indic typing software is the most effective way to type Hindi easily by using your English keyboard. People most often search for “Google Indic Keyboard for Windows” however after the initial stage google has now withdrawn this application for windows.

So if you are looking for the Google Input Tools software for windows, you will not find it anywhere. Google provides this tool through chrome extension only, which is again not helpful for MS office and other desktop applications.

3. Type in Hindi using “Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool”

This is gonna solve all your problems. This is very simple to use, likewise google Indic tools, Microsoft offers almost all Indian regional languages to type in using the Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool. What you need to do is- download Microsoft Indic Tool for the language you wish to type in.

Suppose you want to Type Hindi Using Indic input tools, you need to download the software for the Hindi language, this will be installed in your languages section as an additional keyboard.

How to type in Hindi Using Input Tool Shortcut to Select between English Keyboard, Hindi or Indic Keyboard is- Window Key+ Space Key

you may be able to switch between multiple keyboards easily while typing. Using this Microsoft Indic Language Input Tools (Keyboard) you will be able to type Hindi throughout your entire desktop or laptop applications.

4. How to Use this Microsoft Language Input Tool to Type Hindi?

Watch this video to download this input software and learn how to use it. Use the most suitable English letters for the Hindi words to get the best result out of it. This is a perfect alternative to “Google Input Tools”, accuracy and performance are equally good.

Watch this video for detailed information-

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