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How to Download Facebook Videos – Free Tools to Download FB Videos

Download video from Facebook to Computer- Know here How

How to Download Facebook Videos is a hot question for most of you. If you are searching for some free tools to download FB videos here is the solution. We all know Facebook is a social media forum which is most popular across the globe.

Every day we see lots of content, thoughts, images and videos are posted on Facebook. You can easily download images from FB but videos you can’t download directly. Hence you need a tool to download Fb videos. Facebook encrypts each video which someone uploads on this application. That is the reason you cannot download it directly from there.

Sometimes you like to save the Facebook video on your computer or mobile so that you can share with your friends on WhatsApp, or maybe you can watch later without internet. here we will let you know How to download Facebook videos easily. Below are the top 5 free tools to get FB videos.

These are the topmost useful website names which you can prefer to download your favourite Fb video.

How to Download Facebook Videos

You can follow these simple 5 steps to download fd videos-
  1. Go to the post with the video you want to download.
  2. Right-click on the video and select “Copy video URL at current time”.
  3. Go to any of the below-mentioned websites
  4. Paste your link in the required section on the website and select the quality of download you need.
  5. Finally, click on Download link or right-click on that video and hit “Save video as”

how to download facebook videos

Note: If you are watching video on your smartphone, click on the video. Now you see three dots on the top right of the video. You will find the Url of the video. This way you can copy the Facebook video url from Facebook app.

Top 5 Free Websites to Download FB Videos

This is my favourite website for downloading Facebook videos easily to my computer. Whenever I like a video to download I go here. The reason is that it has very fewer formalities and get me FB download link easily. To download fb video from this site- Click-

This website also works in the same way, you can simply copy the Facebook video url and paste on the website. After opening the video, you can click on the video and choose “Save As the Video”.

Go to this website link

Get FB Video

This is the third popular website for downloading your Facebook video. You can follow the same steps and you would be able to download Facebook video on your phone or computer.

Official website link is here for your reference:

Fbdownloader is also a good website to download Facebook videos to computer or mobile. Just click on the link below to follow this website. Make sure you have copied the Facebook video url (link).

Simply paste on the given space and click download- here is the website link for you-

In the list of Free Websites to Download FB Videos, this is the 5th website that you may try. this website also have the almost similar process to download the video from Facebook.

To try this website, go to the following link-

Let’s Sum up

After reading this article I am sure you would be able to download Facebook video very easily. However’ some videos on Facebook are marked as “Private” you might not get those videos. In case you are unable to download a video from using one of the above websites, try next one. Maybe another website works for you, coz all have a little different algorithm.

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