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Exams to Study Abroad- Know these 5 Exams to Study Abroad

Know what Exams to qualify for overseas Education

About 5 lacs students show the interest to study overseas. Punjab, Gujarat, Delhi, Rajasthan and some part of south India have a big number of aspirants to join an overseas study. if you are one of them you must know these exams to study abroad.

Every Country has a different education system and different admission criteria. This is one reason that student have to go through different exams to qualify for admission. There are a dozen of tests and exams which may confuse you. So, find here brief information about all International exams to study abroad.


International English Language Testing System- IELTS. You can understand this by name. Yes! this is for testing your English language understanding. Since you are going to study all the courses in English medium, you must clear this exam to prove your command on English.

IELTS is a very important exam you need to qualify for the study abroad. This test has four modules-


These are tested on the basis of Bands. 9 is the highest band comprising of all modules. Score: 5 bands in IELTS exam is consider Poor, 5.5 bands= Average, 6 bands=Good, 6.5 bands=Better and Score=7 band is the best.

Valid for: IELTS is valid for 2 years from the date of examination.

The acceptable score for Undergraduate course is 6.0 bands, and for a graduate course, its is 6.5 bands. Some Universities/Colleges accept score below with a short duration English support course. A score below standard is not advisable as it has a low visa success rate.

How to Apply: IELTS is conducted on a regular basis and student can register by visiting the official website of IELTS.


TOEFL stands for- Testing of English as a Foreign Language. This is also an English language testing exam. It has the same testing criteria in the same four modules as IELTS. The only difference is that this conducted by a different organisation “ETS“. Whereas IELTS is conducted by IDP.

Some countries prefer IELTS and some Prefer TOEFL. So, before applying for the test must check the country you are applying for. IELTS is more widely accepted across the globe.

How to Apply: If you wish to appear for TOEFL Exam you can visit the official website of ETS. You can book for this exam online and select the nearest available exam centre.

The validity of this Test: TOEFL is valid for 2 years from the date of the exam. They print valid through the date on the scorecard.

Let’s See Exams to Study Abroad after 12th

SAT:  (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

This is a very popular test for undergraduate students. More than 4000 universities across the globe accept SAT, Including Indian Universities. If you are willing to apply for Engineering, Science, technology programs you need to clear this exam. This is applicable for Bachelor degree courses across the border.

How to Apply for SAT: You can apply for this exam following this link- Apply for SAT Exam in India

Scoring Model of SAT: The hieghest possible ecore in SAT exam is 1600. This test is in two parts. First is Math testing while second one is about reading & writing of English language test named Evidence Based Reading and Writing (EBRW).

Math: You will score in this section between 200 to 800.

EBRW: Evidence Based Reading and Writing score is also have a range between 200 to 800.

Therefore if we combine both, your score will be somewhere between 400 to 1600. Where 400 is the minimum and 1600 is the maximum.

Average SAT Score Good SAT Score Best SAT Score
1100/1600 1300/1600 1400/1600

GRE (Graduate Record Examination)

If you want to know about Exams to Study abroad after B.Tech, this is the one you need. GRE Stands for Graduate Record Examination. This test is a very common test among Indian student willing to Study in the United States and Canada. you need to visit ETS website to apply for this exam. Here is the direct link.

Applicable for: This test is demanded by most of the Graduate Schools/Colleges of US Canada. Especially when you apply for a Master degree in Engineering, Science & law. Most of US Universities/ Colleges ask for this test.

This Exam to study abroad is taken on the basis of three parameters as follow-

Section Score Scale
Verbal Reasoning 130–170, in 1 point increments
Quantitative Reasoning 130–170, in 1 point increments
Analytical Writing 0–6, in half-point increments


Most of the student search for Exams to Study Abroad for MBA. Well if you want to apply for a Management course like, you need to clear GMAT. This exam is also valid for Indian Colleges of Management. Most of the MBA Colleges ask for the GMAT Exams to apply for MBA.

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Aptitude Test. GMAC- “Graduate Management Admission Council” governs it. This is a common aptitude test of Quantitative reasoningverbal reasoning, integrated reasoning, analytical writing.

What is the decent score in GMAT: It is measured on the basis of reliability where 0 is lowest and 1 is highest. No one perfectly reliable so your score should be between .45 to .90 somewhere. The below you can say is the decent score-

  • Total score: 0.92
  • Verbal score: 0.89
  • Quantitative score: 0.90

How to Apply: You can apply for a GMAT test by visiting the official website of GMAC


These are some common English entrance Exams to study abroad. These are recommended, however, you must check with the concerned University or College about the requirement. Apply for these exams only when it is required by your selected University.

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