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Difference Between CV and Resume (CV vs Resume)

CVWhat is Resume? Is that any different then CV?

CV or Resume is the first document that you look for when applying for a Job. Some prepare CV while others write a Resume. Have you ever met with a thought like what should you prepare a CV or a Resume when you are going to apply.

Well after reading 5 minutes you will get the perfect answer to this question. You will learn the difference between CV and a resume here.

CV: Curriculum Vitae is the full form of  CV, which comes from a Latin word “Course of Life” which means details of all your courses, academics and achievements on a single document.

A Curriculum Vitae contains brief details about your education, professional career, publications, awards, honours, and other achievements. In the USA and Canada, a CV is used only for academic applications: academic jobs, grants, research fellowships, etc.

Under CV you must include your Name Contacts, Education, Academic Achievements, Non-Academic Achievements, Teaching Experience, Awards and achievements, Grants and Honors, Research work and Research experience, Fieldwork, Publications etc.

In short, if we say CV a Curriculum Vitae to be prepared by scholars, teachers to apply for academic jobs or research work or to get government grants etc. where your brief curriculum/academic history detail plays a major role in selection. A CV could be 3-4 pages long or may 10+ pages long as well depending on your curricular activities.

Download CV Word Template



A resume comes from a French word “to sum up” which means “in short”. This is a summarized document which provides a work history of the candidate. It could one page or two-page concise document.

You should provide the following details on the resume.

  • Your contact details
  • The objective of the Resume
  • Your work experiences
  • Your Educational qualifications
  • Skills and Interests
  • Family Details (in Short)
  • Additional details like apprentice, project work based on the job applied for.

A resume is preferred by employer/ interviewer because it provides a quick overview of your education and work experiences as he/she doesn’t have much time to read it. They may ask for a detailed CV when necessary for a particular job.

Download Resume Word Template

Differences between CV and resume at a glance

Factors CV Resume
Length Much longer in length Maximum up to 2 pages
Focus CV Focus on career Focus is on professional skills
Contact details Multiple ways to contact you can be mentioned Mainly phone number & email is sufficient
Work details Mentions detailed work experience Mentions designation, duration, & firm mainly
Cover letter Multiple ways to contact you can be mentioned Mainly phone number & email is sufficient
Skills Certifications in chronological order Skills with the highest proficiency are prioritized


Contents of a CV Contents of a Resume
Cover letter Summary Statement
Contact Information Contact Information
Educational Background Education & Certifications
Work Experience Work Experience
Projects Undertaken Key Skills & Technologies
Honours, Awards, Fellowships, Grants
Publications & Presentations
Professional Memberships

When should you use a CV?

An example of good usage of the CV is in the academic industry, as it gives an exhaustive insight into where you currently stand in your career. This can help the academic institute make an assessment of your management skills, subject knowledge and your people skills can be suitable for a role as an educator & administrator, making you a suitable candidate for many roles.

When should you use a Resume?

In contrast, when applying for a job in tech/IT/software development, a resume can be your best friend. An IT recruiter has to go through numerous candidates for even a single position. A well-made resume will put your best skills at the top of the resume, to attract the recruiters.

Download Resume Word Template

Best Free Resume Builder to Use:

If you are looking for generating your resume professionally and effortlessly then use an online professional resume builder. A website named has an online professional resume builder in which they give you a wide number of resume templates and benefits of using single-page editing, switching templates, cloud storage, and PDF download. Resume builder made easy to generate your resume effortlessly.

There are three easy steps to generate your resume on a resume builder

  • Select a resume template
  • Fill your skills, summary, personal, education and experience details.
  • After customizing, download your resume in PDF.


Hope we could explain to you on this topic and you are now sure if you need to prepare a CV or a Resume.

We welcome your comments and advises.


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