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10 Best Techniques for Motivating Students in Classroom

Best way to Foster Student Motivation (Updated)

Techniques for Motivating Students: Keeping students positively motivated in their studies is an extremely challenging task. Motivation is considered one of the primary bases for formulating an effective learning atmosphere for students to fall in love with.

There are several methods to get the job done by taking your students to play an escape room game at the Room Esc or doing open discussion sessions on a chosen topic. The trick is knowing the facts and unique ways to help make mundane lectures far more exciting for your students.

While there are several unique ways to motivate your students in the classroom, let us look at these 10 best techniques that you can apply:

1. Create a fearless space in the classroom 

Fear and anxiety block the learning process for any student. Ensure that in your classroom, you cultivate a space wherein your students speak their opinions freely and ask any question that strikes them. The fear of punishments or even the fear of getting discouraging comments from the teacher must be eliminated. Your student will only try to actively participate in the learning process when they can lose this fear.

2. Define your objectives and goals 

Let your students remain aware of what you expect from them and some rules they need to follow in the class. When you clarify this to your students, you will find that they can satisfy you much better than earlier. By setting clear goals in the class, your students become aware of what they must do to succeed.

3. Set up short-term goals 

It is always better to set up short-term goals that you would expect your students to achieve within a stipulated time. It will help you keep a proper track record of how their studying is improving. Doing this will also help your students to track themselves and thus improve accordingly.

4. Encourage the thoughts and opinions of your students.

A small compliment or an encouraging pat on the shoulder goes a long way. Encouraging your students’ diverse thoughts and opinions is essential in motivating your students in the classroom. Give them the freedom to imagine and choose the topics of their assignments and allow them to explore their creative potential. When you start encouraging their thoughts in this manner, you will notice how eagerly they would await your classes or even the projects!

5. Enhance the classroom environment  

Instead of simply sitting in your chair and teaching, stand up and walk around the class, going from table to table as you teach your students. Sometimes, you might even consider taking your students out of the classroom, to the library, or even the playground for the session. A change from the school’s monotonous setup would help motivate your students immensely!

6. Be a good listener 

Other than simply teaching and walking out of the class, ensure you become an avid listener once done. Try to be patient and listen to what each student has to say. You need to pay attention to their thoughts and value their opinions. Sort out the difficulties they face in the class by being a great listener. In this way, you can slowly earn your students’ trust, love, and respect. This will, in turn, make it easier for you to motivate them! Good listener observes students closely and this is one of the best Techniques for Motivating Students.

7. Experiment with new teaching methods 

Just kill Prof. Keating in Dead Poets Society; you, too, need to make your teaching methods more versatile and engaging for your students. Combine different learning styles and teaching methods to create a more immersive, interactive, and effective classroom for your students. Not all students will like the same teaching method. Thus, by diversifying your teaching methods, you can keep your students away from getting bored and instead motivate them!

8. Set a notion of friendly competition 

Society cannot thrive without people competing against one another. There is always going to be someone better than the rest. So, prepare your students for the tough life of competition that awaits them once they cross school boundaries. Start by inculcating a sense of friendly competition amongst the students so they gradually get used to it. A friendly competition would also help keep your students motivated to give their best to their studies!

9. Be generous  

Being generous to students could be one of the best Techniques for Motivating Students. Ensure that you never end up becoming an evil kind of a teacher. Instead, be like a generous friend and guide your students to success. Praise your students and give them rewards when they deserve it. In this way, you can easily keep them motivated in the classroom.

10. Do not forget the shy students! 

Often there might be students who are too shy to share their opinions before the rest. Make sure you also give them the space to come up and share their views with the rest of the class. Encourage them to talk, even if it’s not much. In this way, you can keep them motivated in the class.

Keeping your students positively motivated in the classroom is a challenge that is not so tough to achieve. Do you think Prof. Keating would have succeeded in Dead Poets Society if it hadn’t been more his unique teaching methods? So, experiment with new teaching styles and pay heed to each of your students in the classroom!

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